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A group of MA Fine Art students have been making excellent use of Futuro House for the production of a sound performance event COCHLEA which took place on 2 December 2015. The sound events variously engaged voice, text, physical performance and sound composition and connected themes of futurity with the concrete architecture of the inner futuro space, itself a metaphor for cochlea and the art of listening.

The students repeated the performance in January re-recording it for archive purposes. COCHLEA at Futuro has been a valuable project taking place within a broader series of workshops and presentations exploring sound and listening under the theme of 'Sounds and Spaces' within the MAFA curriculum.

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Testing Ground

Cairi Jacks (BA Fine Art graduate), Adeeb Ashfaq (BA Fine Art graduate), Niels Braun (MA Graphic Communications Design student), Luiz Conceicao (BA Architecture graduate), and Joann Hong (BA Jewellery graduate) met at the Futuro House to tell us about their projects that were being researched, resourced and realised in the neighbourhoods of the art school. We heard about time spent in place, intense attention paid, relationships formed, conversations had, permissions (formal and informal) requested, granted and denied, motivations, expectations and realisations, and reflected on how these formative experiences have been taken forward into lives and practices.


"Before this evening I've never spoken to anyone from jewellery or architecture and I didn't even know half the subjects here existed." - Cairi Jacks

"It was really inspiring to be back in CSM (in a space pod) and to listen to others who have responded in such different ways to the Kings Cross area and the new building – such a lovely way to meet and share ideas and see across disciplines – always something I wanted to do more at the college." -  Joann Hong


For more information about this AIR Neighbour-ing event please see:


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Futurist Architectural Drawing Seminar

M ARCH: Architecture ran a ‘Futurist Architectural Drawing Seminar’ on the 12 December 2015 at the Futuro House. Markus Lähteenmäki came in to discuss Architectural Drawing as practiced by two avant gardes  - specifically those from the 1920's (Russian) and 1960's (Italian). He brought along amazing original archive material from Chernikov and also Superstudio, amongst others, to illustrate these drawings.

The students were then asked to produce a 10cmx10cm drawing as a future glimpse of their own second year Masters project. This was a format/size of futurist drawing used frequently by Chernikov.


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Your Future in Curation: With Eimear Martin (Hayward Gallery)

Eimear Martin, curator at the Hayward Gallery, came in to meet Culture, Criticism and Curation students to discuss how the role of the curator is evolving and what a curator's career may entail in the future.

 Untitled1     Untitled

The talk was part of an ongoing series of Professional Development organised by SUARTS, the Students' Union of UAL and funded by UAL Commonplace. Eimear Martin, a curator with over ten years’ experience in the contemporary arts sector, has worked on and contributed to a number of group exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery.

The ensuing roundtable discussion saw UAL students quiz Eimear on her career to date and the practical ‘ins and outs’ of curation as a profession as well as the relationships necessary to balance the demands of the art and logistical demands from institutions and audience expectations and needs.

The students discussed their possible futures as curators, the future of curation as it evolves, the use and misuse of the term, its western determinacy and how our current understanding of curation of art and culture is a relatively new development.

For more information on SUARTS Industry Talks and roundtable discussions and opportunities for UAL students please visit:

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Future Libraries

Are books becoming secondary in the library of the future? Ten Newham Council Community Neighbourhood Managers  met at the Futuro House to discuss how the integrity of the library can be preserved  alongside the demand for flexible spaces that accommodate technology and community meeting places.

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Short Course Innovation Accelerator

What would it be like to go back to a world with no internet, no laptops, no mobile phones, no facebook, twitter and emails?

Juliana Goga-Cooke and the CSM students Innovation Accelerator students used The Futuro House as a space to discuss how our lives have changed over these 40 years, the innovations we have seen, how technology has transformed the way we live and work, how family structures have changed, how cities have become bigger, how most of us have moved from different places, how we stay in touch and connect with one another, and, more importantly, what matters to each of us….

And what the next 40 years might bring!


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Made in Arts London – Metro Imaging Mentorship Selection

Back in December, the Futuro House was used to hold interviews for UAL students shortlisted for the MiAL and Metro Mentorship.

This bespoke mentorship, which will run from January – December 2016, offers​  tailored support and advice during the final crucial few months study, degree show and then the vitally important first few months as a graduate. The mentorship aims to provide funding and guidance for emerging artists at the beginning of their future creative careers.

"We are delighted to be collaborating with MiAL and its inaugral mentorship winner Giulia Cacciuttolo – what is very exciting is that Giulia is not directly linked to photography, which reflects the diverse nature of clients that we now work with. Also for the first time we get the opportunity to mentor someone whilst they are still in the education stream and trust that the experience will provide Giulia with the best resource possible to further her career prospects.”  -  Steve MacLeod, Director of Metro Imaging

Guilia Cacciuttolo