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Museum 2050

This future thinking session was part of a set project for final year BAGD design and interaction students. The project brief asked participants to imagine the year 2050, and design a visitor centred museum experience that responds to that vision. The Futuro House provided us with the setting and atmosphere for our speculative discussion and workshop.

Jordan De Vos, a final year BAGD student,  wrote a short text describing her vision:

  1. Life in 2050 

Everything in 2050 is customizable and personalized. With genome and biological advancements, your body, its functions and performance will be controlled by you. With constant monitoring of the public spaces around you, you will be able to know the conditions in which you’ll walk into. With emotion and personality recognition, the digital services in your life will customize content, its delivery, and timing to your preferences, routines, and personality. You will be constantly building an artificially intelligent persona that knows you better than anyone else.


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