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Provocation / Conversation: Who We Are Not What We Are….

On April 14th  2016 Jess Crilly from the UAL library services team held a Provocation/Conversation in the Futuro House.

Our provocateurs were Dave White from UAL, and Dr Donna Lanclos, in conversation with library, academic support and teaching staff from across UAL. The idea of the provocation was to gain some fresh perspectives to inform the development of a new shared Strategy for Library & Academic Support 2016-22.

So what did we think? Much of the conversation was around identities and roles, about the value of expertise as well as content and processes. Some really helpful insights and ideas emerged…

  • Unpicking meanings around collaboration 
  • Status issues in universities –colleagues or helpers, who can initiate…
  • Issues of identity: individuals vs services (Apollonian and Dionysian cultures),
  • Being incorporated into networks rather than ever-refining of existing skills
  • Library and academic support engagement as time saving for courses
  • How to address that by being more present in digital and physical spaces and networks
  • A need for the discovery of expertise as well as content


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