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Spotlight 2016 Symposium: Reframing PhD Research at CSM

This year Spotlight 2016 held a cross-disciplinary symposium of CSM PhD students in the Futuro House. With doctoral students from Art, Design and and Fashion, presentations included talks, workshops and round table discussions.

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For more Information please visit – The Doctoral Platform at CSM -

Adriana Cobo Corey, PhD student: Taste Untold/Story 1: Wash Out!


"Motivated by the fact that taste in architecture has been generally communicated through stylistic codes, my general thesis argues that the construction of architectural styles might have left alternative taste narratives under-explored. This inquiry into taste investigates the possibility to situate and create marginal practices within voids of taste; seeking to talk about taste in architecture by prioritising function, action and habit over form and style.

This presentation will focus on cleaning, a subject implicitly or explicitly present within both, modernist utopias and feminist performance practices throughout the twentieth century. Cleaning will be discussed here as a post-rational reflection on Wash Out! a series of performances devised for Granary Square, London 2015-16."

- Adriana Cobo Corey 

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