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Testing Ground

Cairi Jacks (BA Fine Art graduate), Adeeb Ashfaq (BA Fine Art graduate), Niels Braun (MA Graphic Communications Design student), Luiz Conceicao (BA Architecture graduate), and Joann Hong (BA Jewellery graduate) met at the Futuro House to tell us about their projects that were being researched, resourced and realised in the neighbourhoods of the art school. We heard about time spent in place, intense attention paid, relationships formed, conversations had, permissions (formal and informal) requested, granted and denied, motivations, expectations and realisations, and reflected on how these formative experiences have been taken forward into lives and practices.


"Before this evening I've never spoken to anyone from jewellery or architecture and I didn't even know half the subjects here existed." - Cairi Jacks

"It was really inspiring to be back in CSM (in a space pod) and to listen to others who have responded in such different ways to the Kings Cross area and the new building – such a lovely way to meet and share ideas and see across disciplines – always something I wanted to do more at the college." -  Joann Hong


For more information about this AIR Neighbour-ing event please see: http://www.airstudio.org/research/neighbouring/


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